I have a fatty liver and general problems with my liver so am in need of a liver supplement. I have tried many brands that are on the market, but find that this milk thistle, which has other benefits, is the one for me. It has helped my liver to be more efficient and I am digesting and absorbing my food much more efficiently. I will be using it for some time to come as I believe it helps with general liver maintenance.

Lana M, Cape Town


I have  been using the granulated omega 3 for about a year and can feel the difference in my  body. I am not a lover of fish but am getting the benefits by using this product. It is easy to use, as I can sprinkle it on my cereal, in my juice and on my food. It does not change the taste of the food or drink at all.The health benefits are energy, and flexibility of my body. I would definitely recommend this method of taking omega 3 as it is directly absorbed in the bodyand one does not need to take pills so it does not seem like a supplement but it is a food.



For months I have been struggling with my left knee. I have tried numerous creams and rubs but to no avail. Boswellia has come to my aid in a big way. Thank you for your amazing products, it has truly put the spring back in my step!

PF – Pretoria