The combination of baobab, hytolive and omega 3 can act as a tonic and healing supplement for your entire system. 

General Multi-Nutrient

Taken daily, BaoActive can supply a large amount of the RDA for various minerals, nutrients and vitamins providing overall health and wellbeing. The diversity of its nutritional offering makes it particularly advantageous for anaemics, anorexics, smokers and athletes.

Hydroxytyrosol acts as a valuable supplement for diabetics as it regulates blood sugar levels and improves insulin sensitivity. Baobab is also an excellent dietary supplement for diabetics (specifically type II diabetes) and celiac suffers because of it high content of minerals, vitamins and proteins, which do not have a negative impact on the symptoms of either condition. 


BaoActive’s three main ingredients work synergistically to support cardio-health. The high level of potassium in baobab helps to balance blood pressure. Studies have shown that increased plasma concentrations of oxLDL (oxidized low-density-lipoproteins) are predictive of future CHD (Coronary Heart Disease). The EFSA (European Foods Safety Authority) found a cause and effect relationship between the amount of polyphenols (hydroxytyrosol) and the level of oxidative damage in blood lipids. As a result, they have given their stamp of approval to the therapeutic effects of hydroxytyrosol in lowering the levels of oxLDL in blood. Free radicals create a chain reaction that sets off the oxidation of LDL. However, hydroxytyrosol is able to stop this due to its peroxyl radical scavenging ability.

Studies have also shown that hydroxytyrosol increases HDL, prevents blood clots (thrombosis) and keeps arterial walls supple by preventing the formation of atheroma plaque (plaque found on the innermost layer of an artery wall), which causes atherosclerosis.

One of the properties of omega 3 is to reduce inflammation, which can damage your blood vessels, causing heart disease. Omega 3 also decreases triglycerides (a type of fat found in the blood that stores calories and provides energy), lowers blood pressure and is effective in reducing blood clots.

Brain function, Sight and Hearing

Together, baobab and omega 3 enhance physical and cognitive (memory and performance) development of the brain. Omega 3 is also instrumental in improving eyesight and age-related deafness and is excellent for children who have ADHD or ADD.


Omega 3 has been shown to alleviate or prevent depression as it increases the brain chemicals that cause mood enhancement. Research conducted in the fields of epidemiology and neurobiology indicate that people who are predisposed to depression often have a shortage of omega 3. A study done at the Centre de Recherche du Centre Hospitalier at the Université de Montréal (CRCHUM), which supplemented 432 men and women’s diets with omega 3 over a period of about three and a half years, showed a marked decrease in the incidence and severity of their depression.

Bone and Joint Conditions

Omega 3 is vital in the development of your baby’s brain, bones and organs during pregnancy as well as the continuing formation and development of their skeletons after birth. In later life, omega 3 and baobab ensure high bone density, thereby minimising the development of osteoporosis. Scientists from Umea University in Sweden conducted a study on the relationship between omega 3 and bone density (BMD) in young men. The study ran for a number of years. Their results showed that omega 3 increased bone density and is therefore, a definite consideration to prevent osteoporosis later in life.

Its ability to convert to prostaglandins and leukotrienes inhibits inflammation and provides freedom from pain. This makes it invaluable for autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Other studies have shown that polyphenols and baobab may also prevent the onset of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis as they play a vital role in the formation and strengthening of bones and increase calcium absorption.


Baobab contains an exceptionally high number of synergistic anti-oxidant agents making it superior in preventing the formation of free radicals. Besides containing bioflavonoids, alfa linolenic acid and vitamin A, it has an extremely rich vitamin C content. The antioxidants minimise DNA damage and the amount of ROS (Reactive oxygen species) produced. Increased ROS levels may cause major damage to cell structures. Together with omega 3, it helps to prevent cancer (such as breast and prostate cancer) and minimises the effects of existing cancers.

Scientists from the University of Perugia in Italy concluded that hydroxytyrosol was potent in preventing DNA damage and therefore, cancer. As an antioxidant, hydroxytyrosol prevents DNA oxidation as it has a direct, positive influence on the length and ageing of DNA telomeres. Telomeres protect our genetic material and allow the cells to divide without losing genes. A long telomere is a sign of good health, strong immunity and longevity but with time, oxidation tends to shorten these DNA telomeres, which adversely affect DNA duplication.

Skin Conditions

Due to its high anti-oxidant properties, baobab in conjunction with omega 3 prevents the dehydration and premature ageing of skin. Both are also excellent for treatment and as safeguards against a number of skin conditions such as psoriasis.

The University of California in San Francisco explored the relationship between omega 3 and telomeres in relation to ageing prematurely. Telomeres’ function is to protect the gene and aid in their division and oxidisation. As we age they shorten becoming less effective. Smoking, excessive weight, infection and a lack of exercise also shortens them and therefore, affects their ability. The study showed that those who had high levels of omega 3 had a slower rate of telomere shortening, which means that their ageing process was reversed by about five years.

Digestive System

Baobab has about 50% fibres, half of which are soluble while the other 25% are insoluble. The prebiotic properties are found in the soluble fibres. Prebiotics are key in maintaining digestive health as they are the “food” of probiotics or good gut flora and thus stimulate the intestinal microflora. They are valuable in preventing and treating disorders such as diarrhoea, gastro enteritis and IBS.

A study done in Africa with 160 children aged about eight months, showed that a solution containing baobab was more effective than the traditional rehydration solution used by the World Health Organisation (WHO) for children with diarrhoea.

Immune system

BaoActive’s high vitamin C content strengthens the immune system and lessens the susceptibility to disease.

Neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

Since hydroxytyrosol, is a potent antioxidant and can cross the blood-brain barrier it can be beneficial for neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s as well as aiding older people who are at risk of strokes or starting to suffer memory loss.


Omega 3 can also reduce the amount of pain killers such as NSAID’s (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) that are at times necessary while menstruating.